Saturday, 19 March 2011


...was officially the best day ever.

First, my other half's niece was born. Hello Kitty, welcome to the world. Hope you have fun!

Second, Jonathan Edwards (illustrator, not formerly Christian triple jumper) put my Serge Gainsbourg picture up on his brilliant Draw Serge site.

Here's mine, but go have a look at all the other Serges - there are some real gems.

Third, I got my copy of 2011 3x3 Illustration Directory. A very handsome volume it is, and I'm very pleased to be sharing space with some top talents. Go have a browse on the t'interweb version:

Fourth, I found out that we The Little Philistines will be playing at Meadowlands on Sunday 29th May.


Got an interview for Illustration MA on Monday so hope the good luck lasts!