Wednesday, 13 May 2015

My Secret 7 sleeve

I just got a lovely email from Secret 7" saying that all 700 sleeves have now been sold (the ones that don't sell on the day go up on eBay) and this reminded me that I haven't posted my sleeve.

So here it is, in all it's bad-pun glory, my design for St Vincent's Digital Witness. See what I did there?

(Alternative title - Something is Amish!)

I also never got round to posting these pictures of my favourite sleeves from this year's exhibition.

Some of these I know the artists, some I'm still not sure about, but you can now check them all out, including artists and track details on the Secret 7" website.

Felt Mistress, if I'm not mistaken

 How rude!

The wonderful Jonathan Edwards
 Love this one!
 Modern Toss?

One of my illustration heroes, Pete Fowler. 

 The very distinct style of Isabel Greenberg

 ...and the equally distinctive Jean Jullien.

 Love this little fella.