Wednesday, 28 May 2014

It is happening… again

Been meaning to put this up for ages. I did this picture of the giant from Twin Peaks for Ryan Humphrey's  Twin Peaks zine, Flesh World.

There's some really great work in there, not least Ryan's own distinctive drawings. You can see Ryan's stuff here and buy the zine here.

My picture contains a photo I took of David Lynch's spooky house that I took in LA last year when we were induing in a little bit of fan behaviour.
Watch out for those owls...

Saturday, 17 May 2014


I've started a new comic strip, Culture, once a week over on Tumblr.

It's an excuse to make silly jokes about the Arts, as seen thought the eyes (I'm not sure they actually have eyes) of two monocellular organisms in a petri dish in a lab.

It's also something of an exercise in minimalism, as a contrast to the time-consuming baroque of Hitsville UK. It's a bit like that John Lennon quote (that I can't be bothered to find properly) about having an idea at the beginning of the week and recording and releasing the song by the end of the week. Wham, bam, get it out there while it's still relevant.

I talked about Culture to Richard Bruton over on the Forbidden Planet International blog and you can read Culture itself here. This week it's on GODZILLA!

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

What's her name?...

I can finally reveal my sleeve design for this year's Secret 7" show. (In fact I could a few weeks ago but I've only just got round to writing this.)

My sleeve is a comic strip interpretation of Roxy Music's surrealist corker Virginia Plain.

My story draws inspiration from the song's strange lyrics (General E Lee, blue casino floors, pale horizons, a studebaker) and contains a big nod to  the Big Train sketch in which Chairman Mao (played by the legendary Kevin Eldon) revives from his deathbed to give a spot-on imitation of Bryan Ferry on Top of the Tops. 

I was delighted to be included in this year's Secret 7" and even more delighted when I popped in on Record Store Day to see that my sleeve had been sold. You can see lots of the customers posing with their purchases here, including the chap who bought mine.

In the last few days Secret 7" have announced that they raised £41,500 this year for War Child!