Tuesday, 31 May 2011


We had fun selling the new comic at the (deep breath) International Alternative Press Festival last weekend.

Thanks to Mike Medaglia for the pictures of us and our handsom standard bearer.

We've got a big order of new copies on their way and we're going to set up a website with a shop and that.

In the meantime you can snap up a copy of Histville UK #1 at London's Orbital Comics.

(sings) "when the Hitsville hit UK..."


  1. I dont like it...Its too artsy fartsy.....not like dirty harry, that's the good stuff...
    You both look very moody broody in your seat, whimpering into your beards like you dont want to be winners...Remember, winners dont quit...
    However, one thing that we do share is that we both believe that nature is collective murder...\i dont think that gollum wanted the ring, he just wanted to kill himself to escape the hideousness of it all...
    its true then, i like your comic...but it is against my better nature to do so....

  2. I love it really in case that wasnt clear!

  3. I see you have sweets on the table, no doubt laced with potent psychedelics, to entice the punters into the ways of your collective brain-wrongs. Yet Gollum's face tells the true story of a life mispent as an artisan.