Thursday, 27 October 2011


"A perfect three minute chemical-infused rush of a comic", not my words but the words of Comic Heroes magazine (to paraphrase Alan Partridge.

Hitsville UK gets its review in the new issue (Small Press Round-Up pp 110-111) and it's a corker.

Our humble comic is "an acid-fried report from the edges of sanity" and "a feverishly inventive psychedelic odyssey"

They seem to think we're on drugs!

We got five stars (out of five), which is better than all of the DC, Marvel and Image fare on review and the same as Morrison & Quitely's WE3, David B's new book and Paul Gravett's new tome. Not that we're counting. (We're not counting.)

Thanks to Rob Power at Comic Heroes, glad you enjoyed it. 

As ever you can read Hitsville UK at and buy the whole issue at

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