Friday, 24 May 2013

Bowie Odyssey (oddity?)

Was it really back in January that David Bowie released his surprise single 'Where are we now'?

At the time it struck me that despite knowing the hits, and having some Bowie-obsessive friends, I'd never really listened to any Bowie albums. Right, I thought, I'll listen to the classic albums in order and see how far I get. 

Around this point I stumbled upon the amazing blog Pushing Ahead of the Dame (named after a lyric in Queen Bitch), that dwells on each Bowie song more or less in the order that it was recorded, and it got a bit obsessive.

Well, it's the end of May now and I've just started on Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps). Not sure how much time I'm going to dwell on some of the 80s albums - my understanding is that it all goes a bit pants after Let's Dance, but it's been a great journey so far.

It's a tough question what my favourite album has been so far, but at a push it's probably the wonderfully unhinged Diamond Dogs, which led me to create this illustration, inspired by the Guy Peellaert album artwork, but with a schoolboy humour, Aladdin Sane twist.


Ps. David Bowie - Five Years on BBC Two tomorrow sounds like it's going to be dead good.


  1. So, so glorious. In a previous flat I had a Bowie-themed bathroom with a framed LP of Diamond Dogs above the bog - I should buy this print if I ever resurrect the theme.

  2. It's the zig zag of wee that makes it for me.

  3. Only just spotted the comments. No-one ever leaves comments here! Thanks friends.

    Megara, if you decide to resurrect your Bowie shrine let me know!